Jul 26, 2009

Salta la Linda, a few more pictures

Here's a slew of pictures from Salta. One of our first treks was to take the teleférico, or gondola, up to a hill above the city to take in the view and do a little hiking. So did hundreds of locals, so it was busy. We didn't hike much. But we did make these friends on the way up, who took pictures at every turn and did these teen-agery hand signy things in every picture. Cute, cute. The irony was in fact, that they did real hand signy things all the time: they are hearing impaired. One of them could hear somewhat and/or read lips well, and we communicated through her with some success until Elizabeth whipped out her notebook and we started writing back and forth. It was a lot of fun. Wish I remembered their names, and I don't have Elizabeth's notebook with me.

The lovely main plaza is just beyond all this traffic, just keep your head up and watch where you're going, as there is no traffic signal and no stop sign here. Cars, scooters and bikes--oh my!

Striking but practically garish Church of San Francisco. Below is some detail of the front left panel.

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