Jul 22, 2009

Los Esteros del Iberá

The Esteros del Iberá are a large, important wetland complex much like the American Everglades in that the water is shallow and moving slowly, in this case in a southwesterly direction. There are gobs of bird species and as I noted in a previous post, lots of large mammals and reptiles. The picture below shows the ubiquitous epiphyte in bloom. So pretty! The other pic is on the road (note the red color) that bridges the biggest lake in the wetlands, Laguna Iberá. In the center you can just make out two figures, Erika and Elizabeth. If you click on the photo, it will reappear in a much bigger format, which allows you to see a great deal of detail.

The red soil is everywhere from this point north: we saw it all over the province of Misiones, the location of San Ignacio and Iguazú, both subjects of other posts. Everything, it seemed, aquired this burnt red color.


  1. Holey-Moley! I had no idea you were in South America! Yippee!!!!!
    I'll come back later and do some serious reading. My blog has been hurting a bit, but I still hit it from time-to-time. Congrats! Now, just come back to Oregon and all will be well in the world!!!

  2. Aw, thanks Wally! In order to move back to Oregon I would need to entice my sweetie to come with me.